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About Clippy

The story of a bag 

The very first Clippy bag was made by,Calypso Rose (called Clippy by my friends) on the kitchen table. This was because I wanted to display all my collection of Polaroid photographs in a bag. Lots and lots of people stopped me in the street and wanted to know where the bag had come from. I put 250 bags into production. I customised a large bag with a sign saying 'stop me and buy one' and I hired a stall on the Portobello Road, London. I sold all my bags in the first month - hurrah. Clippy (then known as Clippykit) was up and running.

Very lovely celebrities started to carry Clippy bags, including Helena Bonham Carter (and her mum), Jools and Jamie Oliver were spotted under a Dolly Brolly and Thandie Newton said she was making up a jumbo washbag with keepsakes for her small daughter. At 22 years I became the London Young Business Person of the Year (very exciting!) and since then the range has just kept growing with a few more awards along the way. I am very lucky to run the company with my fabulous mum Clare - who does a lot, and Ted the dog who does a bit.

To our joy you can spot Clippy bags all over Europe (especially Paris - oooo la la ) and a big konnichiwa to all our Japanese friends. We are always looking out for pretty new boutiques to stock so please do get in touch wherever you are.

The Clippy brand is now licensed and distributed by Sylvia Lawrence  For stockist details call +44 07790 308289 or email